Update: 4/28/11

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A For Leavenworth mailing address has been released for  Bradley Manning:

Bradley Manning 89289
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

Today, the receptionist at the military barracks confirmed that if someone sends Bradley Manning a letter to that address, it will be delivered to him.

On Tuesday, Reuters News published the results of a 24-country poll in which they found 79 percent of people were aware of Wikileaks, and of those people, two-thirds did not believe Julian Assange should be prosecuted for his role in the organization.  Three-fourths supported the group’s mission to make secret government and corporate documents public.  If Bradley was the Wikileaker, he deserve’s the public’s support as much as Wikileaks itself.

Although Julian Assange may not have spoken out widely about Bradley Manning, he did mention him and the protest last Thursday in a recent interview with the Times of India.  (See 16:20 in the video)

We recently got word that on Tuesday, June 14 the organization Verbatim Verboten will be doing readings of previously secret transcripts as a way of raising funds for Bradley Manning.  What a clever idea!  Events will be taking place in the following cities: New Orleans, Chicago, Hollywood, Kansas City, MO.

One thought on “Update: 4/28/11

  1. full presidential pardon.”collatal murder”was deply disturbing,whether or not bradley was the source.it is a constitutional responsibility to disclose wrongdoing,and bring it to light!!he has done his duty.and now he is paying a price we will never know.thank you,mr.manning.happy birhday!!we have NOT forgotten you,even if the media has.you are NOT alone!in solidarity.

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