Bradley Manning, family, and doctors take stand: report and analysis: trial day 34

August 14, 2013. By Nathan Fuller. As the defense closed its sentencing case, Bradley Manning delivered an apology for the way in which he exposed the crimes and abuses he witnessed in Iraq. Military doctors testified that Manning stayed "true to his principles," and his family members testified about his troubled childhood.Read more »


Supervisor’s failure to help Bradley Manning; more unit witnesses: trial report, day 33

August 13, 2013. By Nathan Fuller. Former MSG Paul David Adkins, Bradley Manning's supervisor in Iraq, testified about several incidents involving Manning that he failed to properly respond to, for which he was later reduced in rank. Other members of Manning's unit testified this morning, and we'll hear from a few more this afternoon.Read more »


Defense begins sentencing case with Bradley Manning’s unit: trial report, day 32

August 12, 2013. By Nathan Fuller. The defense began its sentencing case today, calling several senior officers from Bradley Manning's unit before and during his deployment to Iraq in 2009-10. They spoke of command issues within the unit, namely the leadership failures within the intelligence section where Bradley worked. The defense case is projected to last three days, and Manning is expected to give a statement before its conclusion.Read more »


Respond to Bradley’s sentence in your community! Est. date: Aug. 19th

August 9, 2013. By the Bradley Manning Support Network. Immediately following the sentencing announcement of heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning by the military court at Fort Meade, Maryland, join us in the streets to declare, "Free Bradley Now!"Read more »


CENTCOM’s Kevin Donegan testifies about WikiLeaks’ war logs, confirming no resulting casualties: trial report, day 31

August 9, 2013. By Nathan Fuller. Rear Admiral Kevin Donegan testified about CENTCOM's response to the release of Iraq and Afghan War Logs in 2010 and 2011, confirming that he could identify no casualties as a result of WikiLeaks' disclosures. He continues to testify in a secret, classified session. The government is scheduled to call its last sentencing witness this afternoon. Read more »


Courtroom art auction by Debra Van Poolen an astounding success!

August 9, 2013. By the Bradley Manning Support Network. We are pleased to announce that the courtroom art auction featuring the work of Debra Van Poolen was an astounding success raising more than $4480! An enormous thanks to all the bidders and especially to Debra Van Poolen. Read more »


Gov't witness: Al Qaeda referenced WikiLeaks only twice, not since 2011: Trial report, day 30

August 8, 2013. By Nathan Fuller. Today's sentencing session was far shorter than usual, as the government decided not to call one of its previously scheduled witnesses. This afternoon, 'militant Islamist' scholar Youssef Aboul-Enein testified that Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have rarely cited WikiLeaks documents and haven't done so to claim tactical successes.Read more »


Bradley Manning in the theater

August 8, 2013. By Claire Lebowitz. Two plays about Bradley Manning, the soldier and whistle-blower, are being performed. “The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning,” produced by the National Theatre of Wales, is being live-streamed August 6-25. In Washington DC, Claire Lebowitz's "bradass87" is being performed August 16-17 at the Universalist National Memorial Church.Read more »


Ruling on Patrick Kennedy’s speculation; James McCarl testifying in secret: trial report, day 29

August 7, 2013. By Nathan Fuller. JIEDDO official James McCarl is testifying in a closed session today about his teams' review of IED information in Iraq and Afghan War Logs released by WikiLeaks in 2010. The judge ruled on the defense's motion to limit the scope of the government's sentencing evidence.Read more »


Manning’s maximum potential sentence reduced to 90 years; sentencing in closed session: trial report, day 28

August 6, 2013. By Nathan Fuller. Judge Lind ruled in the defense's favor in part to merge charges, reducing the maximum potential sentence Bradley Manning could receive from 136 to 90 years. She ruled that the government will be allowed to present testimony opining on future harm. The court is now closed for a classified session.Read more »

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Update 8/14/13: Join the mass online shout out and take action in your community immediately after sentencing!

With Bradley Manning expected to take the stand today, the sentencing portion of the trial is drawing to a close. Our best guess is that the sentence will be announced next Wednesday. Join us in mass protest immediately following the sentence by organizing a rally in your community, and by signing up for a mass online shoutout pressuring President Obama to uphold his promise to protect whistleblowers. FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW.Read more »


Update 8/12/13: Delivering 100,000 Nobel Peace Prize petitions, and what about the Nuremberg charter?

What about a soldiers duty to report war crimes? The Nuremberg charter was signed with this in mind, to hold soldiers and governments responsible for war crimes. And today more than 100,000 petitions asking for Bradley Manning to win the Nobel Peace Prize will be delivered to the Nobel committee in Oslo. Read more »


Update 8/10/13: Defense begins sentencing arguments on Mon., Bradley to give statement by Wed.

Bradley Manning is expected to take the stand on Wednesday, as part of the Defense sentencing arguments which begin on Monday. A worldwide call to action has been called to follow immediately after sentencing, which could occur as soon as Aug. 16. And now is a great time to watch "The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning", an award winning play by the National Theatre Wales. It plays until Aug 25, and is streamed online.Read more »


Update 8/2/13: Colbert Report's great segment on Bradley, "my view from inside the courtroom", Berlin rally pics

Stephen Colbert explains that the American people are "the enemy," Molly Crabapple shares her insight and drawings from the courtroom, and more pics from recent events.Read more »


Update 7/31/13: Supporters took to the streets worldwide last week for Bradley

Thousands of supporters stood with Bradley before and after the verdict was made on Tuesday, July 30, by judge Col. Denise Lind.Read more »


Update 7/30/13: ACLU, Amnesty Int'l call verdict attack on whistleblowers: gov't priorities upside down

The ACLU and Amnesty International have both issued statements highly critical of the governments persecution of Bradley Manning, calling the verdict an attack of whistleblowers that was clearly meant to intimidate. Amnesty asks why the government has not prosecuted any of those involved in the war crimes exposed by Bradley Manning.Read more »


Update 7/30/13: Bradley's family issues statement on verdict, thanks supporters

Bradley Manning's family issued a statement to the Guardian today, commenting on the verdict and thanking Bradley's supporters, "While we are obviously disappointed in today’s verdicts, we are happy that Judge Lind agreed with us that Brad never intended to help America’s enemies in any way. Brad loves his country and was proud to wear its uniform."Read more »


Update 7/26/13: Haitians for Bradley, rally at Gen. Buchanan's office; freeway banners

Haitians produce video, "We stand with Bradley". Photos of our rally at Gen. Buchanan's office at Ft. McNair today. Banners over Highway 101, San Francisco. Bradley receives "In His Footsteps" award from The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club.Read more »


Update 7/23/13: Obama should pardon Manning, P.J. Crowley condemns prosecution, Manning Pride contingent

John B. Judis writes in the New Republic that President Obama should pardon Bradley Manning because he violated his oath in the service of higher ideals, former State Dept. spokesperson P.J. Crowley condemns the prosecution's overreach, Richard Ashcroft wears a 'Free Bradley Manning' shirt on stage, and the Manning pride contingent is up for an award.Read more »


Update 7/18/13: Amnesty International calls Judge's decision a 'travesty of justice'

Amnesty International called out Judge Lind on her refusal to drop the 'aiding the enemy' charge against Bradley Manning, calling it a "travesty of justice" as well as "ludicrous". Read more »

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